Client: Stance
Camera Operator: Dima Kalenda,
James Copson & James Stier


Sneakerness | Cologne
Cologne often gets overlooked when talking about Germany’s prominent fashion culture, making way for the better known Berlin. This city has the potential to become the new core with its uprise of streetwear guru’s, characters and stories to capture.


Stance | Sneakerness

Stance are featuring their amazing hosiery at Sneakerness 2018. The event takes place across the globe in 5 fashion induced cities; Paris, Zurich, Cologne, Amsterdam and London. The events are packed with the next best sneakers, socks and latest streetwear fashion trends.

As Stance launched their EU store and site, they wanted to showcase their brand in a stunning and exciting way. 

Sneakerness | Paris
Undeniably lovable, Paris set the scene for the September Sneakerness convention. Filming in Paris is never going to be hard work with its trend setting culture and extraordinary architecture. Being allowed to shoot in one of the most famous locations across Europe, ‘The Pigelle’ was probably one of our highlights of the year!

Sneakerness | Zurich
This upcoming fashion hub has been a centre spot for Sneakerness since its start in 2009, allowing the event to kick off here every year. Zurich hosts street-soccer challenges, sneaker talks and an annual Sneakerness parties.

Sneakerness | Amsterdam
The Dutch capital hosted the Streetwear culture as Sneakerness hit Amsterdam in May 2018. With it’s legendary sneaker stores, cultural cityscape and gnarly grub we knew this was going to be a hotspot with lots to film!

Sneakerness | London
Notoriously known fashion capital of England, London never fails to surprise us when we visit. Shooting for Stance was utterly effortless when the countries Sneaker-heads flocked to the event, equipped head to toe in the latest styles.