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Client: Ronin
Director: James Stier
Producers: James Stier & James Copson


Documentary | Aikido

Working title - A film about westerns adjusting to life in Tokyo, Japan. All while enduring one of the world's most intense, full-time martial arts courses in Aikido. Currently in pre-production and awaiting funding decisions.

Our story will follow a band of strangers travelling to Tokyo, to escape the trappings of daily life in a quest to find themselves.

Through this bond, they each enrol in the same martial arts course; but not any martial arts course, the martial arts course. The same intense 12-month programme the Tokyo Riot Police undertake, the Aikido Yoshinkan Senshusei. The characters struggle to adjust to life in the worlds most foreign of countries; learning it's language, customs, culture and soon, its fighting.

Alone in the land of the rising sun, one student, a thirty-something office worker from Manchester is driven by the question of how she can prove herself in the age of the smartphone, Instagram and Donald Trump. Out of their depths and likely out of their minds, in a pair of prestine white payjamas they walk into the dojo for the first time and get ready for battle