STANCE | Future Artist Series presents Eloise Dörr




STANCE a brand I’ve wanted to work with for a while.

Early in 2018, I helped out Anattic (before my time here) with editing one of the Sneakerness shorts. I hadn’t heard of the brand before this, but when I found out they’d wrapped themselves around action sports, thinking outside the box and creating incredibly comfy socks, I was game.

Coincidentally over the Christmas of 2018/2019 I’d been in touch with Graystone Action Sports head skateboarding coach Danny Markham; about self producing a short documentary about the park and how it all came about, what the park has on offer for the youth of Manchester and other surrounding cities and what it’s like to be home of the UK’s first skateboarding academy. I’d filmed with Danny a few times, in his previous role at the Pump Cage under the bypass in the centre of Manchester.

Anyway five months down the line and several conversations later we’d escalated the idea to STANCE, partners of Graystone Action Sports and they loved it. STANCE is working alongside Graystone helping bring in schools from the suburbs of Manchester, running workshops for the kids on creativity and help to build interest in action sports. Perfect.

I wanted the video to feel quite immersive, show the energy of the kids, how creative they can be, the build-up of excitement, the falling down and getting back up. The brief was quite simple really, this was STANCE’s first announcement that they had partnered with Graystone so the video had to send the message about what they are doing and also leave the door open so that people know that this wasn’t a one-off event.


Eloise Dörr is a great influence to kick off the Future Artist Series project. Eloise’s art merges Skateboarding with art as her character can be seen skating through various scenarios. Her workshop gave the kids an opportunity to design 4 different socks on a template, then using their best designs they were given fabric pens to transfer their art onto actual socks!

Once the kids had finished the workshops they roamed free into the park, either opting for Skateboarding lessons, cliff dropping or taking turns on the super trampoline. In and around all of this, we filmed fun, creative and energetic new experiences.

We shot multiple ad-hoc interviews with Eloise whilst helping out the kids in the ‘design a sock’ workshop. Discussing how creativity can stimulate and excite these kids, whilst also discussing the potential for the kids to connect with a sport they haven’t tried before. I thought it was important to get some soundbites from the kids on their experience with action sports if they were excited to skate. Although this can be quite unpredictable it worked out! Other ‘off the cusp’ interviews with the coaching staff at Graystone whilst training, helping out in the workshops and whilst skating the park helped build the image of the park.


To find out more about STANCE and their Future Artist series, check out the STANCE website here.
If you’re interested in Graystone and what they have to offer, check out the Graystone Action Sports website here.