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This year, we’re excited to be working alongside Manchester International Festival to create films, trailers and interviews for two of their largest and most exciting events. Dystopia987, and Utopolis. Our first project with MIF was to create a short teaser for Utopolis. The project has been such a great opportunity to really get creative. The idea was to create a trailer that teased, excited and represented a vision of a Utopian world.

We worked closely with the team at MIF and alongside the artists Rimini Protokoll to understand the event, their inspirations behind the idea and the emotions, thoughts and feelings that the audience will experience.  A highly secretive project, we decided to shoot some of the locations of the actual event using volunteers as representatives of the audience and chose to stick to close, more ambiguous shots. It was imperative that we didn’t reveal the exact locations of the event.


Our vision for the film was to create an ethereal, stretched and obscure view of a utopian world and evoke feelings and ideals of ‘what if'. What if our ideologies and views on the world were flipped?

Anamorphic lenses created a soft, filmic and textured feel to the film.

We wanted to use film flickers and flares to give a more visceral look to the trailer to explore ‘alternative realism’ in the video. The use of anamorphic lenses helped us to achieve a ‘dreamy’ look which hopefully takes the viewer into an otherworldly yet realistic experience of what the Utopolis event could be and of what Utopia could look like.


MIF: The Utopolis Experience


Join your fellow citizens for an extraordinary journey through Manchester.

Utopolis Manchester is a visionary site-specific work that uses intricate tapestries of sound and voices to transform our view of the city. Gathering in dozens of small groups at multiple locations, we’ll head out to explore the people and places that shape Manchester’s daily life – and discover the many ways in which citizens build communities, society and democracy.

As our assembly reaches critical mass, a question emerges. Can a group of disparate individuals come together to forge a utopian state? And how large can this system grow before it falls apart? Created by Rimini Protokoll and inspired by Thomas More’s Utopia, Utopolis Manchester asks whether another society might exist, if only for a utopian moment…

Utopolis Manchester takes place in multiple locations around the city


To find out more about Manchester International Festival and 2019 event schedule, check out the MIF website here.