Man & The Echo

Not so vile as you want


In December, Man & The Echo and Unmasked Management came to us and requested a funny, weird and unusual music video for their single 'Vile As You Want'.
They had a fairly strong idea of the style and what they wanted from the video so we worked to those parameters.

This style of production was new to us, usually we come up with a concept for a client or band and they either like it or they don't. This time, we were taking on their idea and putting our own interpretation on it. The theme was 70's kids TV show,

gone wrong. Crazy puppets taking over the film set with disastrous consequences.
Absolute vile behaviour and inappropriate for a kids TV show. Our first big task was to make the shoot feel authentic to the 70's. Film would have been the perfect choice of medium but comes with exceptionally high cost for stock and we didn't want to shoot digital and 'fake it'. Our next option was to shoot VHS, although it's most commonly associated with the 80's. We shot 4:3 at Standard Definition to crunch the footage quality and give it a real feel.

Screenshot 2019-05-01 at 12.09.38.png

The second challenge was to integrate modern elements to the video. The band wanted to cut between the old and new and feature their performance within the video. We were under strict guidance not to make it a 'typical' music video and to maintain a level of 'weirdness'. We opted for a weird interference that may or may not have caused the puppet's meltdown.

The band would glitch in and out of the video from outer space and interfere with he TV signal. Sandija was in charge of styling the guys to fit within the 70's era and also to provide them with modern outfits that weren't overly stylised. The band wanted to maintain their own personalities and not be directed or pointed in a direction they were uncomfortable with.

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