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Recently we have been approached by the amazing marketing team From the Fields, who are the power behind the ‘Festival of the Sky’ and ‘Bluedot Festival’. We were asked to help them out on a few last minute social media shorts. It was a pretty simple answer to be honest, YES. Being keen ‘festival goers’, we jumped at the chance to be involved.

Utilising their archive of past festivals and videos from different acts, we put together a variety of different types of content. The challenges these days promoting anything online is that it’s not necessarily a ‘one video fits all’ kind of scene - especially with festivals. The diverse acts, amount of performances, different installations, activities etc.. means that the audience can be easily categorised to be targeted efficiently and effectively. Both Bluedot and Festival of the Sky have activities for families with young children, performances for art lovers, music for all tastes so we created videos accordingly.

The Bluedot videos came with quite a precise brief. We needed to supply 6 social edits for the countdown to the festival, that announced the ‘last chance to buy tickets’ message. However the Festival of the Sky brief was slightly lighter and more open, being the first year they’ve run the festival we utilised footage from the Bluedot archive drives and from drone footage of Cleethorpes, obtained by the client. We needed to supply them with one video that was spread across multiple formats for social media and their website. Something that really took our interest in the Festival of the Sky edit was animating the logo, bringing in all the different elements to form the ending image.

We’ve selected one cut from each of the edits to showcase on our blog (although we actually finished quite a few different versions!) so we decided to publish a few screenshots from each as well! Have a watch of some of the edits below.


You can find out more about Bluedot Festival on the following link - discoverthebluedot.com
and you can find out more about Festival of the Sky on this link - festivalofthesky.co.uk


Bluedot Festival

Festival of the Sky