PREVAYL | Imagine If



We were tasked with creating a fast paced, intriguing, thought provoking film that explores the idea of technology enhanced clothing. The brief was to keep the idea ambiguous, don’t be too obvious, create something that lets people mind think "‘I want to know more about that”.

Imagine if you could know your body like never before. If you could sense it changing. If you could learn how it worked, and how to help it work better. Think of the advantages you could gain. The dreams you could achieve. The pain you could avoid. It could be the difference between the taste of victory and defeat. Between good days and bad ones. Between thinking you can, and knowing you can. It could change your life.

Now, imagine everybody could. Imagine if everyone had the power to live smarter, safer and healthier lives – just waiting to be unlocked. Imagine the impact on our relationships, communities and culture. It could change the world.

This is people powered innovation. This is Prevayl.

Tackling this at first was difficult, how do you implement multiple ideas into one video on a strict budget? Well...

We have been very fortune to build up a catalogue of content over the various documentaries, shoots and commercials that we have been apart of, we also know a talented animator to give these snippets of footage a new lease of life and profound edge. To give the idea that this is something to do with clothing we focused on the ‘data stream' leaving the clothing escaping into the atmosphere where later in the video it’s collated into a digital human. Did you really get that from the video?

Probably not, but that’s the point. We wanted to leave the idea open to interpretation, giving each viewer the chance to develop their take on what this could actually be advertising.


To find out more about PREVAYL and their Tech Clothing, check out the PREVAYL website here.