sync | Manchester

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We shoot simplicity and elegance, design and flair, passion and creativity, excitement and energy. With Sync, we pride ourselves in matching the simplicity and elegance of their store in our production, giving a subtle nod towards the passionate and creative staff. We’ve put together two lovingly wrapped video’s showing the consumers how Sync makes little differences go a long way.

The brief was fairly simple, create a short Ad teasing consumers about the opening of a new store and boast about being an official Apple Reseller. Next, create a secondary video letting consumers know the store is open and what Sync have in place that makes them stand out from the rest.


Sync have thought cleverly about how to interact with their customers, and have put in place the perfect approach to their store. Customers have a one on one selling experience and are offered training solutions that can help them achieve the most from their purchases. Sync adopted the Apple’s ‘minimalistic’ approach to their interior design, Director James Stier considered

this in his approach to the way we executed the films. Focusing on the three main strands of the Sync experience he highlighted their passion for tech products, comprehensive training packages and knowledgeable support staff. Using slow and steady camera dolly moves to take you through the various spaces of the store, while precisely framed close-ups highlighted detail.