ellesse | LOVE Campaign

Love is to be infatuated and passionate


In 2017 we were approached by ellesse to create an awe-inspiring, fast paced, engaging film that would showcase at the ‘January 2018 ellesse Global Conference - Love ellesse’. The brief was to follow the conference headline ‘LOVE ellesse’.

Director James Copson headed this project and had the vision of creating an evocative and ambitious film, that would have ellesse leaving the audience compelled and excited about the future of the brand.

Following the theme of ‘LOVE ellesse’ discussed in the initial production meeting, James wanted to define the word ‘love’ through thought provoking visuals that would reflect the excitement and boldness associated with the brand. For example, love is to be infatuated and passionate, a chemical attraction and desire that drives the human race’s decisions and motives. It sparks highly emotive and invigorating feelings - all of which we wish to associate with the ellesse brand.


Using a combination of new and existing footage knitted together through an ambiguous yet poignant script, we replicated the feeling of love through visuals and a strong narration - delivered by the model from the film “Damani”. The constant theme throughout the film, followed stylistic, powerful visuals of a single kiss between two young adults. This constant reference created a throbbing, heart pounding build up throughout the entire film, while a series of short, snappy and creative visuals showcased the amazing recent work by ellesse UK, and other associated references of ‘love’. Using the narrative, we hear how love is about being

in the moment and feels like a rhythm that drives you - we’ll see Not3s as his fans scream, and we’ll hear the beating heart of Nina Nesbitt before she walks on stage. We’ll hear how love is never giving up and holding on no matter what, as we see Liam Smith in the spotlight, powerful and determined - a fighter.

As the two model’s lips draw closer and closer, the intensity increases more and more before leading to the final climax of content and the Ellesse logo.