Intern Diary | Truth


Part of the Intern programme we run at Anattic is helping aspiring Directors, Filmmakers and Editors to project manage their own productions. This series, ran by Alex Hughes follows different creative spaces, design houses and agencies across Manchester. We provide the kit and offer advice, but these films are owned by the interns that produce them.


It’s fun and out there, and ‘Truthy’ for lack of a better word


Whilst I was looking for Manchester creatives to get in touch with, Truth Design really stuck out to me. They had something about their design and branding that was fun, edgy and cool, and so I decided to get in touch to see if they’d be willing to let me make a short video about them. Luckily, they were all for it.

When it came to this project, I wanted to do something more creative, both to test myself and my abilities, as well as create a video that fits more into Truth’s aesthetic. With encouragement and advise from James and Matt, I decided to try and incorporate their name into a

game that I could play with some of the creatives at Truth, to see how inventive they could be on the spot. I ran the idea past Jo at Truth, and she was up for it, so I set out making a plan for the shooting day.

I decided to try and split the day into three sections; The game/interview, fly-on-the-wall office shooting, and a creative workshop. I wanted to make sure that I had more of a plan going into this shoot, as I think I’m generally quite a run-and-gun type person when it comes to filming, and so I wanted to try and test myself in making sure that I could adhere to a more tightly planned shoot.


After a meeting and a few emails, Jo and I sorted the shoot, the aesthetic, and how the day would flow on the shoot day. We set a date, and I was excited to get into it. When it came to the day of the shoot, I decided to start with the game. This went really well. I felt that I managed to improve my organisation, and all the mics were working correctly, so I got much better sound quality than I felt I got last time. The audio was still a bit echoey in places, but I feel that this may be more the rooms that I’m filming in as opposed to the equipment, so going forward, it seems I may need to plan out my shooting locations with audio in mind, as well as angles. Both Jo and Fiona (who took part in the game) were really cool and welcoming, and happily answered all the questions I had for them. I honestly don’t think that this part of the shoot could’ve gone more successfully; I got some nice content and had a lot of fun shooting it.

I found the next stage of the shoot a little more awkward. Shooting around the office was fine in some ways, as everyone was really welcoming and were open to being on camera, but some of the office was on their lunch whilst I was trying to get shots, so there wasn’t as much going on as I would’ve liked in some places. I think this has shown me that when it comes to planning shoots I need to make sure that I’ve thought of everything that might be inconvenient or get in the way of the shoot, as this time it was a bit of a hindrance to the content I got in this phase of the shoot.

The last stage of the shoot was a lot of fun. Jo put on a creative workshop with some of other Truth people, and they talked about how they went about being creative, and I got a really cool insight into how they generate ideas for their branding and their designs come together. It was incredibly smooth to film, and the room and the people gave me full creative freedom in filming whatever I wanted from wherever I wanted. It was a really cool experience and I’m glad I got to see how creative those guys could be.

The edit process showed me a lot when it came to being creative. I had to use a lot of different tools and try to think about everything in as a creative way as possible, and it was really enjoyable to try and push myself to that extent. I found that I had to google quite a lot of how-to videos in order to implement my creativity within premiere and photoshop, but it was really useful in learning new things and trying to make something that I thought was enjoyable and fun and creative, whilst trying to echo something of what Truth are about.

The final product is something I’m proud of. I think it’s fun, and out there and ‘Truthy’ for lack of a better word. I think that this video has really pushed me in terms of how I think about creative projects and how I can constantly push myself to achieve more. Its opened my mind to being more creative, and it’s something that I want to keep working on throughout my future.


To find out more about TRUTH and their agency, check out their website here.
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