Intern Diary | STANCE


Part of the Intern programme we run at Anattic is helping aspiring Directors, Filmmakers and Editors to get involved in commercial productions. Utilising their skills, and letting them experiment with new techniques.


Be a Ricciardo, not a Ricciardon’t.


After a busy month of editing footage for social media, playing with the office dogs and a grand day out at a chemical plant, it was my time to shine in the world of showbusiness. Anattic very kindly took me to London BABY (is this success?) to take BTS photographs of a shoot with the clothing company Stance and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, who was releasing a new sock design with them. 

The day began with an unsuccessful attempt to bump ourselves up to first class, as we at Anattic only approve of the highest quality service. However, after accepting that was not an option, we had to settle with fighting off the hoards for a table.

Whilst suffering the consequences of booking standard class, Matt talked me through using his Sony camera and how to transfer the images straight to my phone, so I could make sure the Insta was booming all day and keeping our dedicated fans up to date. I took this task wholeheartedly onboard and began to snap my two willing subjects, James and Matt, on their epic journey to the Deep South. 

The face of regret

The face of regret

Upon arrival to foot heaven I awkwardly greeted everyone and we set up the Red camera and sound. I tried and failed to take more BTS shots so I instead browsed every variety of sock in the store; time well spent if you ask me. Finally after an hour of trying to look professional and busy in front of the employees and large number of fans gazing in through the window, the big man arrived and I quickly felt any bit focus on me had been lifted. 


He was exactly the same in real life as he had been in my in-depth research I’d undertaken the previous day; charming, funny, sweary and wonderfully Australian. His unmissable smile made photographing him easy, with every flash of teeth a prompt to press the shutter (maybe why I ended up with over 300 photos oops). I did find manoeuvring around the crowds quite difficult however, I had a constant anxiety I was in someone’s way and being unfortunately lanky I wasn’t exactly the most stealthy of creatures, though I think I got some alright ones. 

Alright for an Instagram story anyway with some absolutely B A N G I N G captions (see below).

Now that me and Daniel were best friends after our fleeting but meaningful wave, my mission was complete, and, as the last Danfan exited and James had purchased half of the store, it was time to get on with the real reason I came on the shoot. A big fat meal and a big fat pint. Lovely. 

In conclusion: 

Socks = Good 

Alice’s photojournalism skills = Alright 

Standard class = Bad 

Matt on a train = Sad 

Daniel Ricciardo = Rad


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