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We headed down to the sunny south to team up with STANCE at their flagship store in the trendy Covent Garden to help interview Daniel Ricciardo, one of the new STANCE Punk and Poets.

We challenged Daniel with a few questions about his collaboration with STANCE, his quick Aussie whit was far too fast for us to generate any come backs, then to proceeded to film the signing.


STANCE released this statement. The Australian professional racecar driver began his foray into his craft at just nine-years-old and has since earned a remarkable list of victories and achievements, solidifying himself as one of the most elite drivers on the grid. As a brand that Ricciardo had already been wearing, and as a personality that Stance has long felt embodied its ethos, the relationship is a natural alignment between two partners that share similar passions of sport, art, music and design.


The interview.


I’m Daniel Riccardo, I’m from sunny Perth Austraila, I race formula 1, so I drive fast cars pretty much in circles and I’m a Stance Punk and Poet. 

In three words, how would you describe the feeling of being behind the wheel of an F1 car? 
[Daniel thinks for a long time] Freedom has to be in there… wait I’ll get this… should it be that hard?... Freedom, speed, passion. 

So you started at nine years old, how did that come about? 
It’s actually none of your business [laughs]. Okay so I grew up around racing. Dad did some racing and it’s certainly in the blood. It was never forced upon me but I was watching, whether it was him at the track, in my mum’s arms when I was like two or watching racing on TV, I was always kind of surrounded by it and I just loved it. I loved the noise, I loved the smell and the speed I was drawn to. So yeh by the age of nine I’d broken my parents enough and said guys please, please get me a go-kart give me a go and that’s how it all started. Did I ever think it would end up here? No. But it did. At that stage it was just fun and I wanted to do it more than anything else. 

Where is home for you? 
Normally on a business class seat on some airline but home home is Perth, I grew up there, I lived there ‘til I was 17 and then I moved to Europe and I’ve been based in Europe ever since. But if I could define one home it’s definitely Perth in Australia. These days my residence is Monaco and I spend a bit of time in California as well.

Being an Aus’ you fit in well with the Stance brand; the surf and skate culture, do you skate and surf and why do you think you’re a good fit? 
So I grew up loving all like extreme sports and I was kind of the kid that thought he could do everything but I didn’t actually really do everything. I rode bikes a bit so like BMX and stuff we were doing as kids. Skateboarding I tried, I was terrible so I gave that one up pretty quick although I loved it and I loved watching it on TV and all the X games and that. It was the same with surfing. I didn’t grow up surfing thanks to my parents… they kind of instilled a fear of sharks in me pretty early on, although we do have sharks in Perth. They were pretty hesitant about me going in the water but again a lot of my friends surfed and I loved all the surfing videos, it was kind of that culture and the music that went with it, it was my scene, I loved it and I loved dressing that way as well. Even though I didn’t so surfing or skating I was very much into the whole scene and those were the kind of people I looked up to as being cool. 

And is that how you were introduced to Stance? Through that lifestyle? 
So the collaboration came about because I thought it was a good fit for me, it’s a brand I wanted to work with and be associated with. I think the way they express their styles through the designs on the socks is also the style I grew up with. It’s a lot of surf, outdoor culture and I think why I’ve drawn so much to California is it’s very similar to Australia and Perth and our coastline and the way we grew up it was very active outdoors. Also the brand seemed cool but once I got to know a lot of the people involved it was confirmation for me… I really liked their style and just the way they go about s***.

How does it feel seeing your sock in real life, how was the design process and what was the inspiration behind it? 
Yeh I said look, I want a sock that looks good on a door handle [laughs] [asking to off camera] Does that still work? The old sock on a door handle trick? [laughing] Alright so yeh the sock… I was actually quite privileged to have two sock designs, so one is the lifestyle sock which I get to wear travelling and in the f1 paddock where I can show it off and that represents my little spirit animal the honey badger and that type of blue is one of my favourite colours. Then the training sock… a big part of my life is training and being active, being fit… driving F1 is surprisingly very exhausting and we need to maintain a very high level of fitness so the training one we were able to make it a bit more funky with the colours to show a bit more expression. Training for me releases a lot of emotion… often for me it is a way to express myself; the way I go about my training and the heart I put into it, so I feel this sock has a lot of that energy behind it and its colours are based a lot off my helmet. I’m very happy with how it’s turned out. 

Can you wear your socks while racing? 
Unfortunately no I can only show the socks off in the pit, in the paddock. The race-suit has to be fireproof so that all gets tested. But underwear is my choice, and my choice is the holster… it just keeps everything in place through all the G forces… [laughs].

Could you give us three words to sum up Stance?
I’m not good at this three word thing… Ridiculously good looking… does that make sense? 

It is three words though! … Alright creative… is it too cliché if I say uncommon? [laughs] and cool… spelt K-E-W-L [laughs].


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