Client: ellesse
Director: Matt Page
Producers: James Copson


ellesse | My Style Sound 2019

Formerly branded as Make it Music, the ellesse #MYSTYLEMYSOUND campaign followed through into it’s third year of operation, releasing it’s content in the latter half of January 2019. Hosted by the award-winning Metropolis Studios located along the main stretch in Chiswick, London, the campaign pulled in another batch of amazing upcoming artists. The multi-genre selection was collaborated by our very special contact at the studios, who we can’t thank enough for letting us get involved!

This year ellesse will release some of our favourite artists to date, with the likes of Shunaji, Alyusha and Dahlia Sleeps (in fact we love them all, it’s just too hard to make a decision!). With the campaign running since early 2017 we pulled most of our tricks out of the bag for this production, aiming to ever improve our videos working alongside strict budgets. We feel honoured to be a part of such a credible campaign amongst the music industry in the heart of the capital.

We try our best to light and colour each artist uniquely, ellesse is a very colourful brand and we wanted to represent this the best possible way. Utilising some of the latest equipment on the market and bringing in professional lighting technicians to help us. Visit the ellesse youtube channel here to find all of the videos in the series!