Music is the heart and soul of much of our work and inspires emotion, ideas and stories. Most of our films are inspired by songs or sounds we hear and music provides a pace and style to all of our productions. A relatively new avenue for us, we have taken to it like ducks to water and work with established bands and musicians. We take a different approach to our work and collaborate with bands or songs we love or can relate to. This means artists and bands who work with us know that we are passionate about their sound and that their work inspires our own.


Music videos, live performances and stories are just a snippet of what we do.



Man and The Echo came to us with an exciting brief “we want a music video set in a 70’s kids TV show gone wrong, with modern bits that look really weird.” It sounded like an exciting challenge! The video follows a TV show set in the 70’s that drastically goes wrong due to interference from futuristically frightening glitches of the band members and a group of misbehaving puppets who are completely un-politically correct.


Andy Quick and the UFO’s have an exciting, unique and orchestral sound. Based in Plymouth, the band required a stylistic and interesting style of video to promote their music. Recorded in an old yet modernised church, just next to Plymouth university, we filmed 4 songs as they performed live.